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Über Uns

Quality without compromise!

The company was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1979 as a medium-sized family

enterprise. Aslan began by specializing in the manufacture of industrial wheels

and grew to include 250 employees. As a result, they have been able to assert

their position on the market as a competitive supplier.



In 2005, Aslan expanded their product range by taking over leadership of four

conveyor belt companies in Turkey. These four companies have been producing

conveyor belts since the 60’s and therefore, have some 40 years of great experience


The benefits of Aslan, a family-run enterprise, are: Good international trading

relations; high flexibility and guaranteed, continous, high quality.


Aslan conveyor belts have the following product advantages:


•less power consumption through less friction

•joints without fatigue and wear

•long lifetime and guaranteed reliability

•especially low noise belt drive



These convincing advantages are reflected in a long list of satisfied clients,

predominantly from the following industry sectors:

•cement and steel industry

•ballast and coal power stations

•various mining enterprises

We are looking forward to working together in the future.

Über Uns